Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 Best Charity Marathons

Searching for the 5 best charity marathons brings many marathons up that describe themselves as charity walks. Runners should not be discouraged; they are welcome to run the marathon. Using walk in the name allows people who would otherwise not join in the event to walk for a good cause while others run. Five of the best charity marathons are described here with links to their site for more information.

March for Babies: The March of Dimes March for Babies is a charity walk or run that is held in cities across all fifty-two states in over 900 communities. Companies and teams seek sponsors in order to raise money to help babies that are born premature and with help problems each year. March for babies has been walking for charity since 1970 and has raised more than one point eight billion dollars to help babies with health issues.

Memory Walk: Alzheimer’s disease is a life changing disease that affects every member of a family. It strips a person of their memory and ability to care for themselves and robs them of their very self. Memory Walk is a charity marathon that raises money for the Alzheimer’s Organization. These marathons are held in multiple cities around the United States and at various times of the year.

Jingle Bell Run/Walk: Thousand of runners and walkers take to the road in this charity run or walk that has runners and walkers tie bells to their tennis shoes as they run to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. Runners can raise money on teams or as individuals in this 5K charity run

Liver Life Challenge: Many people might not realize that the Boston Marathon is more than just a well-known marathon that is run every year it can be run to raise money for the American Liver Foundation. The American Liver Foundation’s Run for Research is one of the marathons held by the Boston Athletic Association and has been doing so for over 20 years.

Run to Remember: The National Hospice Foundation provides end of life care to terminally ill patients, allowing family members to focus more on being with their loved one than trying to care for them. This important and caring foundation is non-profit and relies on sponsors. The Run to Remember marathon raises money to help keep this loving foundation available for the next family in need.

Running or walking or just sponsoring a runner is what makes any marathon or run that is for charity one that belongs on the top five list. Choose one that is near and dear to your heart and put it in your top five charity marathons.

Memory Walk:
Jingle Bell Run/Walk:
Liver Life Challenge:

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