Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Advice for Choosing the Best Running Shoe

Choosing a shoe for running takes more consideration than which pair you can pick up at the local discount store for the least amount of money. Deciding on running shoes is an important decision that ultimately will play a large part in whether or not you continue running. If your feet hurt or you blow out your knee you will not be motivated to continue. A few wise words of advice on choosing the best running shoe can help you stay healthy and enjoy your running.

Shop at a shoe store that specializes in running shoes. The sales people in these stores are trained in determining your foot shape and arch position in order to help you pick out a pair of shoes that will lessen the chances of injury during running.

Shop late in the day for the best fit. Waiting until later in the day will let your feet be at their largest. Feet swell during the day and when running. Shopping while they are at their largest assures that your running shoes will be comfortable.

Take your old shoes to the shoe store with you. The Running Advisor suggests that you take your worn shoes with you so that the sales person can use them to judge how you foot rolls from heel to toe as your feet strike the ground, also called pronation. Pronation is important in choosing running shoes.

Wear socks that you plan on running in when purchasing running shoes. If you wear thin socks when you are trying running shoes on and then wear thick ones when you run, the shoes are going to be uncomfortable. If you do not wear the ones you plan on running in then purchase a pair at the shoe store and use them to try on the shoes.

Make sure both feet are measured. One foot is typically larger than the other one. Ask the sales person to measure both feet in order to insure that your shoes fit properly.
Choosing a running shoe that fits properly and relieves the impact on your knees and feet while running is an important step in making your running experience the best that it can be and one that you will continue with for the long run.

Resources: http://www.therunningadvisor.com/running_shoes.html

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