Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marathon Running Apparel

So you've decided to test your endurance and willpower by running a marathon. Where do you start? It's essential that you have good, comfortable running apparel to prevent injury and increase your capabilities. In this article, we will discuss the basic marathon running apparel that you need. OK? Thanks a ton.

1. Shoes - The most important item that you should get. One should do research on the different types and styles of running shoes. Different feet sizes, shapes, and arches make for a very wide variety of shoes. Another thing to keep in consideration is weight. You may want more cushioning and stability, at the cost of a heavier shoe, or you may want a lighter shoe, with less protection. For marathon running you should err on the side of more cushioning. After all, your feet will need all the assistance they can during twenty-six miles of pavement-pounding.

2. Shorts - A light, comfy pair of running shorts is a crucial part of your gear. Breathable, super-light shorts made for running are much better than plain gym shorts. Nike running shorts are some of the best on the market, and they are worth every penny.

3. Shirt - You may prefer to topless, but sometimes it may too cold or too inappropriate to go natural. It is important to choose a breathable, moisture-wicking shirt to provide you with the most comfort on your runs. You should be sure that your shirt does not chafe, or that may prove to be very uncomfortable for areas of your chest after a few miles.

4. Compression shorts are nonessential, but are very useful in training. These shorts are form-fitting tights that wick away moisture, keep muscles warm to prevent injury, and prevent chafing. If you have muscular thighs or a stride that causes your thighs to rub up against one another, it is a very good idea to purchase a pair of compression shorts to greatly increase your comfort. Once you outfit yourself with comfortable, quality gear, running becomes a very enjoyable hobby. You gain confidence to increase your training and mileage, knowing that you are well equipped in your fight against fatigue and injury. It is important to have high quality apparel when embarking on a marathon attempt. It is hard work, every little bit of assistance can make a big difference when you are running such long distances.

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