Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips for Making High School Track and Field Team

Playing sports is an integral and an essential part for complete and holistic development of a student. Sports facilitate a competitive spirit in a student that keeps them focused and determined on becoming their own personal best. In today’s society, a variety of sporting activities are attempted however it is believed that track and field is the epitome of all sports and is such a graceful and powerful sport that makes it one of the largest crowd puller in the Olympics. In this article, we will provide you with some tips for making your high school track and field team. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

For a student to excel in athletics the prerequisite is undoubtedly fitness. Therefore, you must be as fit as you possibly can. But, what does this mean exactly? Well, being fit means having: stamina, endurance, speed and agility To enhance and improve your fitness levels, there are certain things that you can do to become more fit. These include eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep and respecting your body. Now, let’s explain each one in more detail.

First and foremost, you must maintain a balanced diet, with adequate portions of carbohydrate, protein and fat if you want to join the high school track and field team. Some believe that fat should completely be done away with, but small portions of fat are essential for an overall healthy diet. Stick with lean protein, vegetables and whole grains and steer clear of junk food. In addition, drink plenty of water.

Second, develop a workable exercise routine. For instance, you can work on a treadmill at the gym and focus on stamina building, speed and core strength. Exercises should be done regularly and unfailingly and preferably under the guidance of a trainer. Never push yourself too much but make your routine challenging enough so that you look forward to it.

Third, good sleeping habits is very integral and often overlooked by many student’s hoping to join the high school field and track team. Regular and good sleep will ensure that your body is rested and fresh which will be directly be seen in the performance on the field.

Fourth, respect your body. Do not fall prey to such bad habits like smoking, drinking and substance abuse. Not only are these extremely dangerous to your body but they can wreak havoc on your family and your dreams. In addition, steer clear from performance enhancers as these are an absolute no-no for high school track and field runners.

Lastly, students who wish to make the team in the track and field events should moreover have the passion and the enthusiasm for running and striving hard. If this passion combined with a strong will power exists, then no one can stop the student from blossoming into a wonderful athlete. Confidence and presence of mind are very vital and are the first few qualities that are noticed by the coaches and other team members. Therefore, students wishing to try out for the high school track and field team should have an uncluttered and an uninhibited approach to their task which will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

In conclusion, athletics requires a certain phenomenon called DDD(triple D) : discipline, dedication and determination. If these three things are fulfilled, the high school track and field team will just be the beginning, an Olympic gold will be the destination. Good luck!

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