Saturday, April 17, 2010

What is a Block Runner?

Many people might think that a block runner refers to the iPhone game that has swept the world of iPhone applications. However, if you are a runner you might be thinking more about the imaginary wall that blocks your progress and seems to keep you from going any further in your training. The good news is that if you know you have it a block then you have half the battle won, you just need to know how to get past the block and keep running.

Run Quick, a web forum for runners, suggests using positive self-talk to push your way through a block. Often what you tell yourself is what comes to be and you give in to your own thoughts and words. So, if you are running and you tell yourself you are tired and want to stop then you are apt to cave in to this block. On the other hand, if you tell yourself you only have a few more feet or miles to go and that you can do it you can push through the block.

Make deals with yourself. Tell yourself if you make it the next half mile, you can re-evaluate at that point. Then, when you reach that point do it again. Eventually you will have reached your goal without giving in to the block that your mind and body try to put in front of you.
Realize that runner’s block is nothing more than a mental challenge. It is overcome by defeating it mentally. Focus on something else, anything that takes your mind off the message that you cannot finish your run. Go over your day’s activities, create a mental shopping list, or picture yourself crossing the finishing line, whatever it takes to get your mind on something other than running.

Therefore, if you are a runner, you know that a block for a runner is not an iPhone game; it is a mental game that occurs while you are running. You also know that you can overcome it and get on with your program by using mental tricks to tear it down.


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